Warranty & Repairs

We build Iron Duck products to work as hard as you do. We inspect every product before it ships to meet quality standards and verify that all materials and workmanship are free of defects.

However, if your Iron Duck product does break due to material or workmanship defects, we’ll fix it. Please email the following information to the Warranty Department with:

– Photo and description of repair needed

– Product and Lot numbers (located on the back of the label)

– Proof of Purchase

Within 48 hours you will receive a reply with the cost of the repair and a shipping address to send the product.

If you prefer to keep your favorite bag because it has served you well, we get that too. In most situations, your product can be repaired for a reasonable charge, which includes return shipping to you.

If your Iron Duck product has worn out due to normal usage, then we ask you to consider investing in one of our new models, which is sure to last many years to come.

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